Ironing Services: Faq

It takes us as long as 10 minutes to thoroughly iron a single shirt. So in a week, we could spend an hour just for the tedious task of ironing. Ironing services saves you from this dreary task. But if you want to know if it’s really worth your money, read on:

1. What are the advantages of using this type of service?
First off, by launderettes to iron your clothes, you can be sure that you will no longer get the usual body pains from ironing your own clothes. You will also save the time and energy spent on this task, giving you more time for more rewarding activities. Doing this will provide you with convenience and guarantee that your clothes are clean, crisp and ready to wear.

2. How do I avail of them?
Launderettes may be contacted by phone. Good one with a wide client base can pick up and deliver your items back at a location of your choice. Clients also have the option to drop-off their items directly to the shop at less cost.

3. Who does the ironing for me?
Experienced and highly trained personnel are employed to carry out their duties with the clients’ satisfaction in mind. They also do the ironing in a sanitary, non-smoking environment to make sure that your clothes remain as clean as possible. Additionally, the service staff undergoes continuous assessment by their respective agencies.

4. What is the quality of their services?
Using industry standard equipment, the skilled staff makes sure that your items are handled properly and with care. Their protocols and experience in the business guarantee that ironing services only perform to the client’s best interest.

5. How can I make sure that my clothes won’t be missing?
All items to be serviced are identified and listed at the start of each servicing. A signed copy of the list will be given to the client along with a receipt. The list and receipt should be presented upon the clients’ collection of their items.

6. How much is charged?
The price of each service varies, depending on the number and type of items to be done. Most launderettes will provide clients with free quotations upon request.

7. How often can I avail of their services?
Domestic services are carried out daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, according to the request of the client.

8. How soon can I get my clothes?
A cleaner can iron between 7 to 8 shirts per hour. Each visit may last at a minimum of 3 hours.

9. Do they cater to larger clients?
Ironing services are not limited to household requirements. They can also provide bulk services for residential apartments and other types of requests. Managers of residential homes can contact a laundry services if they’re interested about taking a long term contract.